Love Is In The Air At The Horsefair This Valentine’s Day.

Some amazing and romantic prizes are up for grabs at the Horsefair Shopping Centre on Valentine’s Day in an event jointly organised by Wisbech Lions Club and the Centre Manager.

This is the second year that the Lions and Centre Manager Kevin Smith have joined forces to bring a little romance to the town centre on this very special day.  They will be in the Horsefair from 10am and will stay until all the prizes have gone.

There will be prizes to be won at various stores in the Horsefair plus generous vouchers from Costa Coffee.   Kevin will be out and about with a tray of chocolates, tempting shoppers. Anyone lucky enough to pick one with a paper heart inside it will receive a very special prize.

“Wisbech shoppers in the centre are always very generous and we are raising money for the Wisbech Lions Club. Our Valentine’s event is very popular,” says Kevin.

Marilyn Batrick, Wisbech Lions Club president, added: “It is very kind of Kevin to support Wisbech Lions in this way, and a lovely way of giving happy surprises to shoppers on this romantic day. Don’t be shy, look out for us in the Horsefair, you could be a lucky winner.”

Kevin Smith (centre), the Manager of Wisbech’s Horsefair Shopping Centre, is pictured with Wisbech Lions Club Activities Organiser Alan Edmunds (left) and former Lions Club president Chris Gay at last year’s event.